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Many architects are capable of dealing with residential and commercial projects however when looking into commercial architecture it is always good to go with an architect that has a vast amount of commercial experience. It is always advisable to work with someone who has the necessary experience as well as the knowledge.

Designing or improving upon real estate requires an expert, which is why for your next project you should consider hiring an architectural firm. They provide a variety of a services including structural layouts, interior design, landscaping and more.

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Turner Duran Architects, LP traces its origin to 1984, when Greg Turner left the world of corporate practice to found his own firm in Houston. At the beginning of 2010, Jack Duran ascended to the status of name partner in the firm. For over a quarter century, Turner Duran and its predecessors have seen consistent, manageable growth as the firm focused on projects for institutional and corporate clients. Today the firm still maintains its focus in these same areas, as well as on basic architectural services; moreover, the firm has grown to handle projects ranging from under one million dollars in construction cost into the tens of millions.

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