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Information and F.A.Q's on Asbestos Removal

What is asbestos?
Asbestos is a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics, and is used in fire-resistant and insulating materials such as brake linings.

Asbestos is a hazard to health when the fibers are disturbed and become airborne. This means that asbestos poses health risks only when fibres are present in the air and then people breathe them into the lungs. Fibres can be released into the air when asbestos-containing products break down.

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What should I do if I think there is asbestos in my house?

As Health Canada states:

"Because it is a valuable reinforcing, insulating and fire-proofing material, asbestos was used widely in construction materials such as insulation board, asbestos cement, and floor and ceiling tiles. These products are very dense and do not release significant amounts of fibres under normal use. However, fibres may be released if these products are cut or damaged."

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Health Canada continues:

"Homeowners should receive expert advice before removing materials that may contain asbestos. If you think your home may contain asbestos, check regularly for signs of wear or damage. However, you can't always tell just by looking at a material. If in doubt, have it analyzed by a qualified professional."

Our certified Experts will test your home for asbestos using the NIOSH method. We test for Type>1, Type>2, and Type>3 Contamination.
Ottawa's Asbestos Removal & Asbestos Abatement experts.
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